Dream Drawings by Sarah Palmeri

This collection of simple black and white drawings was created over a three-year period in which the artist quickly recorded the visual memory of her dream space upon waking. These sketches became preparatory pieces for the Strangers Collective Exhibition “Narrows” at the Community Gallery in Santa Fe, NM in May and June of 2016.

Sailing Towards Open Waters by Elizabeth Miller at the Santa Fe Reporter

The 35 artists involved have engaged with Narrows, in terms of the tight domestic spaces in which many of them make their work, and the perilous journey those pieces make as they traverse out into the world. It’ll be their biggest show to date.


The Art of Life and Vice Versa by Sarah Palmeri for the New Mexico Museum of Art

"The purpose of contemporary art today is to mirror our society, to give us the resources to not just look, but to see, and to feed our inner life. It gives us permission to rethink the familiar, to open up to the unfamiliar, and to “suddenly see things that were always there.”