Pieces and Parts

Piece and Parts is a series of paintings and drawings that explores different "shells of Self" through abstraction, memory, and emotive mark-making. The foundations of these paintings were made from the Dream Drawings book, a collection of simple black and white drawings created over a three-year period in which the artist quickly recorded the visual memory of her dream space upon waking. Multiple sketches were made in one sitting, each trailing off into a different memory of other dreams and past reality. The marks, shapes, and space refer to specific figures and events, but the quick recording and ultimate abstraction hint at the evidence of self-interiority. The ambiguity of the work becomes a shell itself, manifesting as symbols with hidden meaning that speak to our subconscious inner life. These sketches later became the Pieces and Parts works for the Strangers Art Collective Exhibition “Narrows” at the Community Gallery in Santa Fe, NM in May and June of 2016.