Taurus Rising / by Sarah Palmeri

You're Not Dead , oil and acrylic on panel, 18 x 18 inches, 2015

You're Not Dead, oil and acrylic on panel, 18 x 18 inches, 2015

Taurus medicine is slow. Steady. Solid. Stubborn. Taurus knows how to be an anchor. For everyone else. For every budding project. For every burgeoning thing.

Taurus isn’t going anywhere.

It knows that right here is the place to be. It knows how to attract good things to it. Ruled by Venus, this sign reigns supreme in fertility. Generosity. Warmth. Ability to magnetize what it wants. Taurus knows that there is great beauty, wisdom and abundance to be experienced when we learn how to let things live. In their own way. In their own time. Taurus has the patience of the Cosmic Parent. Able to love with great awareness of the time it takes to learn life’s lessons. It feels no need to rush its children, friends, lovers or self. It knows there is no “there” to get to.

Only this moment to enjoy.

Taurus is a medicine much needed when overwhelmed. Anxious. Nervous. Insecure. It reminds us to find something simple to anchor our life in. Skin on skin. Honey on lips. Hand in hand.

Taurus reminds us to find some simple pleasure to worship. The sway of a tree branch. The sway of a hip. The act of being swayed by love in all its forms.

Taurus teaches us that anything we wish to bring into form benefits greatly from a little more of our presence. A little more of our attention. A little more patience for its process.

The moon, exalted in Taurus, is comfortable. Cozy. Concerned with securing its needs and producing what can create nourishment for the multitudes.

This full moon sends a trine to Pluto, reminding us of the power of laying one brick at a time. It also sends a sextile to Neptune, encouraging us to connect to something larger than ourselves.

The ego is constantly trying to convince us that we are in control. That we are in this alone. That we are at the center of all things. But this full moon asks us to remember to share our problems so that others can share their solutions.

Who or what holds your problems with you? What great force of creativity, generosity and spirit can you call on when life gets overwhelming? How can you remind yourself that you are not in this alone? That solutions are constantly seeking you through others. Through meditation. Through movement. Prayer. The power of nature.

This world’s pain is too much to hold on our own.

The boons of this full moon encourage us to validate what in our lives is sustainable. What is an eternal, steady source of nourishment. What rock do we have to lean on and how can we remind ourselves to lean on it.

On the same day as the full moon, Venus, the ruler of this full moon, ends up in a stark opposition to Uranus. This is the same point at which the last new moon occurred. This lends a slightly discordant tone to the day. One that asks us to do something differently than we usually do. Taurus can get stuck, sloth-like, and stubborn to the point of its own demise. Venus’s opposition asks us to break from the rhetoric that impedes our creative intelligence. So that we are constantly orientating ourselves towards what is possible. What is seeking us. What is awaiting our attention.

We cannot hold the world on our own, but we can hold one tiny and incredibly significant part of its becoming. The full moon asks us to slow down enough to reconnect with that truth. 

-Chani Nicolas