Full Disclosure at 500X Gallery / by Sarah Palmeri

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Full Disclosure
500X Gallery Upstairs Project Space
On View: February 16 - March 10, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 16, 2019, 7-10pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12-5pm

In the exhibit Full Disclosure, visual artists Emily LaCour Olson, Sarah Palmeri, and Michelle Thomas Richardson explore identity through an unapologetically subjective lens, with tactile, emotive works representing common feminine experience. With a contemporary compilation of LaCour's sculptural photo transfers, Palmeri's expressionist collages, and Richardson's intimately detailed drawings, viewers will engage with abstract and symbolic content that transforms the energy of historical, personal, and collective events into icons; the lack of narrative marks the transition of these memories from being remembered to memorialized.

Dallas based Emily LaCour Olson offers delicate photo transfers that contain a compression of ghost like stills from her collected and performed videos from 2017-2018. LaCour then reworks these images into one figurative oil painting. The work explores memory, ritual, witnessing, the role of the woman’s body as an emotive conduit, and the translation of a gesture across mediums.

Sarah Palmeri, a Denver-based visual artist, debuts her new Thread series, which combines used clothing and abstract painting to suggest the existence of multiple Layers of Self and varying levels of identity. Palmeri will also have copies of The Magazine Project’s Reassembled magazines, containing collages made by the artist and community members that confront idealizations of women in the media.

Dallas artist Michelle Thomas Richardson presents her latest drawings which are influenced by contemporary and historical events as well as personal experiences. The exhibition will include work from her ongoing Ruby series, which explores contrary experiences of the woman’s body.

Together, the three artists will create associations between the female body and everyday space while inviting dialogue about shared sensory emotion, symbolism and meaning.

Emily LaCour Olson: www.emilylacourolson.com @emevlac
Sarah Palmeri: www.sarahpalmeri.com @darlene_in_denver
Michelle Thomas Richardson: www.michellethomasrichardson.com @mtrichardson.studio