No. 16: Enthusiasm / by Sarah Palmeri

Twenty Seven, spray paint, acrylic paint, oil stick and charcoal on canvas, 64" x 60", 2017

Proper enthusiasm opens every door.

Improper enthusiasm is fueled by the desires of the ego. People often desire recognition, wealth, power or freedom from difficulty. Such desires can become so great that we will do anything to achieve them. Our energy rises as we widely pursue our goal, but this unruly and egotistical enthusiasm inevitably leads us into incorrect and imbalanced behavior and into misfortune.

Proper enthusiasm, on the other hand, is fueled by a devotion to attaining and expressing inner balance and inner truth. When your aim is not to influence others or to satisfy your ego but to follow the guidance of the Higher Power in all that you do, you acquire another kind of energy: a balanced and bottomless eagerness for living in step with what is right and good. In this there is true power and true grace.

The I Ching